Payment Method

Payments on Petit HK can be made by credit cards/ Paypal or Bank Transfer/ ATM. Payments will be settled in Hong Kong Dollars.

1. Credit cards/ Paypal

We offer credit cards or PayPal account payment through payment. PayPal uses SSL technology and a series of security measures to protect your data and provide a secure online shopping experience. PayPal will never disclose your financial information, such as credit card and account numbers to us.  

2. Bank Transfer/ ATM

We accept Bank Transfer or ATM. After the order has been placed, you must upload the photo of the bank receipt to the order confirmation page within 24 hours as final order confirmation. All orders without payment prove in 24 hours after the order has been placed will be canceled.  

Bank Transfer Account(s):
Hang Seng Bank
Account No: 244-335329-883 (HKD)